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Add Authenticity and Comfort to Your Rustic Retreat

By 4 months ago 260 Views No comments

Double Motor Twin Star II Rustic Ceiling Fan

If you have any fear that - adding an rustic ceiling fan to your unrefined space will disrupt its authenticity, then you don't have to worry as there's no course for alarm. They are the perfect choice if you desire to maintain the originality of your log home. In addition to maintaining the ambience of your cabin, they make your living area more comfortable and add a touch of elegance to it.

Setting Up the Perfect Outdoor Patio

By 4 months ago 362 Views No comments

Outdoor Patio Living Space and Ceiling Fans / LightingUrban space constraints prevent most of us from enjoying the luxury of large patios. But a well-planned small area allotted for the outdoor patio can do wonders as well. The right place and the right style is all that is required for a perfect outdoor patio.

Very Affordable 72" Ceiling Fan

By 5 months ago 1392 Views No comments

Pure White 72 inch TroposAir Tornado Ceiling Fan

The 72” model in the modern Pure White finish, or in the ever popular Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is only $239.99 (at the time of this blog post).

For $369.99, you will get the most cosmetically durable outdoor ceiling fan you will ever find, because for that price point the Tornado is built of genuine 316-grade stainless steel.

Installing Ceiling Fans Is a Great Way to Prevent Mold Inside Your Home

By 7 months ago 1895 Views 1 comment

Detect Mold Early Before It's Too LateMold is a perseverant devil every homeowner would like to save their home from. People even fear to see mold in dreams since it’s associated with pessimism and negativity. However, it’s so common that everyone comes across it at least once in their lifetime. So, what actually is mold and why is it so dreaded? Let’s examine in detail.

Flies & Mosquitoes vs. Ceiling Fans

By 7 months ago 4880 Views 2 comments

Insects and Ceiling Fans - Flies and Mosquitoes

So, why use your hand when you can hang a ceiling fan overhead almost any outdoor structure to help do the same thing, so that you can keep more focused on the cookout feast? Whether you have a covered porch or deck, or a gazebo out in the yard, a damp rated outdoor ceiling fan is all you’ll need to keep those pesky insects at bay.

What Causes Poor Home Ventilation And How Can It Be Rectified?

By 8 months ago 701 Views No comments

How Ceiling Fans Improve Home Ventilation

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 72% of our lives our spent indoors, which is a staggering amount of time to breathe in harmful pollutants and compounds. Furthermore, all of us understandably want to be comfortable, and this can be inhibited by poor home ventilation. When air is recirculated throughout a confined space problems mount exponentially, so it would behoove every property owner to address any potential issues. But what are the causes of poor home ventilation, the complications they induce, and the solutions to this dilemma?

How Ceiling Fans Can Make Your Home and Life More Comfortable

By 9 months ago 644 Views No comments

Ceiling Fans on a Hot Day

Are you looking for an alternative way to keep your home cooler in the sweltering heat? Well, here’s the answer to stay cool without any steep rise in your energy bills. Choose and install your ceiling fans wisely to make your home and life more comfortable.

Top 7 Best LARGE Ceiling Fans for the Most Airflow

By 10 months ago 20602 Views No comments

Benefits of Using Large Ceiling Fans

To make your shopping experience easier, in this article we will rate the top 7 large ceiling fans in order by airflow, taking the guesswork out of which models produce the highest cubic feet per minute of airflow.

Is Your Outdoor Living Space Prepared for Entertainment?

By 10 months ago 1707 Views No comments

Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans

It’s finally that time of year, where the weather is beginning to give us a break from the cold (supposedly) and summer’s heat is just around the corner. Finally, it’s time to plan for cookouts with the family. It’s time to take the birthday parties for the kids, and adults alike, outside into the fresh open air.

​How Far Down Should I Drop a Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Use?

By 11 months ago 3834 Views No comments

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Downrod Size Needed / Downrod Sizing Chart

Here is an easy to read chart to help you pick the correct length downrod for your new exterior use ceiling fan. Keep in mind, the longest length downrod is 72 inches, but we do carry downrod couplers which allow more than one downrod to be safely and effectively attached together.