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September 2017

The Energy Protection Act and the Effect On Today's Ceiling Fans

By Jeff Eller 1 years ago 1875 Views No comments

Energy Protection Act and Ceiling Fans

The Energy Protection Act (EPA) was signed into law on August 8, 2005 by former President George W. Bush. In short, the law was sold as an attempt to tackle growing energy problems in the Untied States, but with many bills passed into law, it seems there were a lot of incentives tied into the bill. Some of which do not really make a lot of sense. Nonetheless, there is still good and bad in the law that was passed, and is still in affect.

The Benefits of Large Ceiling Fans with Oversized Blade Spans

By Jeff Eller 1 years ago 21001 Views 5 comments

84" Stellar Ceiling Fan

Back when I started working in the residential ceiling fan industry a large ceiling fan to most people would have been considered a fan with a 52 inch blade span. I remember working at a local franchise of Dan's Fan City and I would have customers come into that store saying, "I'm building a new home and I have a really big great room that I am going to need ceiling fans in. What size do I need?" Back then about the only advice I could offer was to buy two (more depending on the room size) 52" ceiling fans and hope they would do the trick. Eventually 56" models came on the scene, and folks thought those were big. My goodness, how times have changed!