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February 2018

​How Far Down Should I Drop a Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Use?

By 1 years ago 4769 Views No comments

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Downrod Size Needed / Downrod Sizing Chart

Here is an easy to read chart to help you pick the correct length downrod for your new exterior use ceiling fan. Keep in mind, the longest length downrod is 72 inches, but we do carry downrod couplers which allow more than one downrod to be safely and effectively attached together.

​Optimal Ceiling Fan Downrod Length for Indoor Use

By 1 years ago 17129 Views No comments

Ceiling Fan Downrod Size Chart Based On Ceiling Height

When installing a ceiling fan, you must consider how far the fan needs to drop from the ceiling before beginning the installation process. In some instances the downrod that comes packaged with the fan will be all that's necessary. In others you may need to consider purchasing a longer downrod, or you may even need a close mount kit to bring your new fan closer to the ceiling. But how do you know you’re going to get the hang down distance correct? This article will help you achieve exactly that.

Best Way to Clean My Dirty Ceiling Fan

By 1 years ago 4354 Views No comments

Ways to Clean a Dirty Ceiling FanYou may wonder, with the fan constantly spinning around and around, how does so much dust stick to the blades, and why does it cling even more on the edges? Shouldn’t that dust blow off with the constant current of wind that the blades are producing?