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What Causes Poor Home Ventilation And How Can It Be Rectified?

By 12 days ago 42 Views No comments

How Ceiling Fans Improve Home Ventilation

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 72% of our lives our spent indoors, which is a staggering amount of time to breathe in harmful pollutants and compounds. Furthermore, all of us understandably want to be comfortable, and this can be inhibited by poor home ventilation. When air is recirculated throughout a confined space problems mount exponentially, so it would behoove every property owner to address any potential issues. But what are the causes of poor home ventilation, the complications they induce, and the solutions to this dilemma?

How Ceiling Fans Can Make Your Home and Life More Comfortable

By 1 month ago 67 Views No comments

Ceiling Fans on a Hot Day

Are you looking for an alternative way to keep your home cooler in the sweltering heat? Well, here’s the answer to stay cool without any steep rise in your energy bills. Choose and install your ceiling fans wisely to make your home and life more comfortable.

Top 7 Best LARGE Ceiling Fans for the Most Airflow

By 2 months ago 685 Views No comments

Benefits of Using Large Ceiling Fans

To make your shopping experience easier, in this article we will rate the top 7 large ceiling fans in order by airflow, taking the guesswork out of which models produce the highest cubic feet per minute of airflow.

Is Your Outdoor Living Space Prepared for Entertainment?

By 2 months ago 546 Views No comments

Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans

It’s finally that time of year, where the weather is beginning to give us a break from the cold (supposedly) and summer’s heat is just around the corner. Finally, it’s time to plan for cookouts with the family. It’s time to take the birthday parties for the kids, and adults alike, outside into the fresh open air.

​How Far Down Should I Drop a Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Use?

By 3 months ago 409 Views No comments

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Downrod Size Needed / Downrod Sizing Chart

Here is an easy to read chart to help you pick the correct length downrod for your new exterior use ceiling fan. Keep in mind, the longest length downrod is 72 inches, but we do carry downrod couplers which allow more than one downrod to be safely and effectively attached together.

​Optimal Ceiling Fan Downrod Length for Indoor Use

By 3 months ago 893 Views No comments

Ceiling Fan Downrod Size Chart Based On Ceiling Height

When installing a ceiling fan, you must consider how far the fan needs to drop from the ceiling before beginning the installation process. In some instances the downrod that comes packaged with the fan will be all that's necessary. In others you may need to consider purchasing a longer downrod, or you may even need a close mount kit to bring your new fan closer to the ceiling. But how do you know you’re going to get the hang down distance correct? This article will help you achieve exactly that.

Best Way to Clean My Dirty Ceiling Fan

By 4 months ago 727 Views No comments

Ways to Clean a Dirty Ceiling FanYou may wonder, with the fan constantly spinning around and around, how does so much dust stick to the blades, and why does it cling even more on the edges? Shouldn’t that dust blow off with the constant current of wind that the blades are producing?

Tropical Room Décor Made Complete with the Perfect Ceiling Fan

By Jeff Eller 4 months ago 372 Views No comments

Tropical Interior Decor Needs a Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan

If decorating in a tropical island theme, everyone knows that finding the right ceiling fan can make or break the entire project. If you’ve found yourself in this position, that is probably what brought you here, and here is where you’ll find the help your searching for.

Overlooked Way of Winter Heating...

By Jeff Eller 4 months ago 705 Views 3 comments

Ceiling Fa Direction Winter

This winter has been very cold. Someone I know who keeps track of temperatures from year to year was quoted saying, “So far this winter, it is the coldest one on record in over 50 years.” Now, that's cold! I have not personally researched to verify it, but when I walk outside my body tells me that what he said is correct.

That said, did you know that a ceiling fan can really help to regulate inside temperatures, while trying warm your home during these cold snaps we are having?

What Type of Outdoor Ceiling Fan Will You Need?

By 5 months ago 1001 Views No comments

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Wet Rated or Damp Rated

In this article, I hope the shed light on the difference between the UL ratings of wet vs. damp. I hope that after reading, if you are shopping for a ceiling fan, you'll understand the difference between the two. Afterwards you will know to only shop for the perfect model that will work well in your area. I hope to be able help broaden your selections, if you only need a damp rated ceiling fan, but you have only been looking at wet rated designs.