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TroposAir Ceiling Fans

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Modern, New, Fresh

TroposAir is a name brand ceiling fan that is part of Gulf-Coast Fans, of Oldsmar, Florida. The name came about due to larger retailers wanting to supply their customers with the quality and unique ceiling fans that only Gulf-Coast offered, but Gulf-Coast is only sold at select retailers that are trained in helping clients with customization of ceiling fans. With Gulf-Coast, almost no ceiling an comes in the box complete, but rather motors are packaged separately from blades, lights are an add on options, along with remote controls, etc. This allows the consumer to purchase a ceiling fan tailored to their specific need, but also creates difficulty in the sale of the product, unless assisted by a trained professional that can be sure you don't leave the store without every part of the fan you need.

TroposAir uses the same methodology as Gulf-Coast when it comes to unparalleled quality. The difference is that TroposAir ceiling fans are prepackaged in the box with everything you will ever need, including some things you may not have thought you needed. Almost all TroposAir fans come with lights pre-packaged, along with a light cover plate if you do not intend to install the fan with a light kit. Remote controls are almost always included and not optional. About the only thing not in the box with a TroposAir ceiling fan would be longer downrods extensions, for those with higher ceilings. They do include a standard length downrod, but since it is impossible to guess each customer's ceiling height, long downrod extensions are one item that will never be pre-packed with any ceiling fan.

Innovative Designs and Technology

TroposAir was one of the first fan makers to introduce ceiling fans with DC motors. A DC motor ceiling fan is up to 75% more energy efficient than standard ceiling fans, and they move more airflow and run quieter than any other fan.

DC motor ceiling fans also come with a 6-speed remote control, with an option to add a in-wall remote system. This is a very convenient control feature, and with double the speeds than that of standard ceiling fans, you get more customized comfort from your new TroposAir DC ceiling fan.

The company was also the first to introduce a industrial ceiling fan, completely with extruded aluminum blades, small enough to be used in residential settings, yet large enough to still be used in small warehouses. Their 84" Titan is one of the most popular large modern ceiling fans from any fan maker, and moves more airflow, more efficiently than almost any ceiling fan of it's size the has ever been designed. The efficiency of this fan has been confirmed by and they have all three sizes of the Titan (66 inch, 72 inch, and 84 inch) listed at one of the most efficient ceilings fans in 2017. Great achievement considering it came about in 2013, and other makers still haven't caught up.

TroposAir also is one of the only fan companies that offers a few fan models with a technology that will allow them to be used on 120 volt current here in the United States, yet they automatically convert to 220 volt and 240 volt currents if taken overseas. This is a great technology that should be used in every ceiling fan to open up the worldwide market.

In Conclusion

TroposAir Ceiling Fan Company is one of the best brands you can own. The quality is unprecedented in the industry, and their warranties back it up. If you need any help deciding which model is best for your needs, whether using needing an outdoor ceiling fan, or an indoor model, drop us an email, or give us a call at 1(888) 841-1993. Any of our trained ceiling fan professionals will be glad to assist you.