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Oscillating Ceiling Fans

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Overhead Fans That Oscillate

An oscillating ceiling fan is an overhead fan that is built more like floor or desk fans. The main difference is that instead of setting on the floor where they may be in the way, they hang from overhead instead.

Besides saving desk, table, and floor space, a unique ceiling fan that oscillates is built to look much, much nicer than most any of the models that are made to set around in your way. These new type of air movers are built heavier duty and perform and look more like the older antique desktop fans, heavy duty, and Made in the USA!

Single Motor and Double Motor Units Are Available

Singe Motor

The single motor units, like the Craftmade Bellows III, definitely look more reminiscent of a floor fan, because they only have one motor, and only one set of blades that are usually protected by a cage enclosure. Due to this enclosure, some may refer to this as a caged ceiling fan.

The TroposAir Mustang is another one motor fan that oscillates and keeps the same basic design idea in mind, but with the TroposAir fan a cage surrounding the blades is not part of the design. The Mustang leaves the cage off for a very particular reason. The reason, the inspiration for this fan was the North American P-51 long range fighter plane, used in WWII. What propeller propelled airplane have you ever seen with a cage installed around its prop?

Regardless of which of the single head models you'd prefer to fluctuate from side to side in your room, they all have one thing in common... They all create a great amount of wind speed, and they can sling the air currents out into the room in a more variable pattern than that of a standard ceiling fan, which only blows airflow straight down below the blades.

Dual Oscillating Ceiling Fans

A double motor ceiling fan that truly oscillates is not quite as common as the single motor units. Yet, there are some available, and these models provide much more cooling breezes than standard ceiling fans do. What's amazing is that you can get as much breeze from two motor units with only 18" blades on each, titled on a 45º angle, on an overhead fan that is only 42 inches from one side to the other, as normally you would only be able to achieve from a big ceiling fan with a 72" blade span or above.

One such oscillating fan is the TroposAir Mustang II. With its two powerful motors on each end, each creating a wind speed greater than that of a 52" fan, you'll be amazed at this fans ability to keep an area feeling more comfortable. Since each motor can be titled to any angle you desire, and they are used in their optional oscillate mode, airflow is thrown all over the room. Including hard to reach corners of the room.

Gyro vs. Oscillate

Some double fan ceiling fan models available in our oscillating overhead fans category do not actually sway back and forth in a side to side motion. Instead, the two motors on some models spin in a constant clockwise motion around and around the center of the base. These are called gyro ceiling fans.

A Gyro ceiling fan moves airflow into the room in the same manner that a oscillating ceiling fan does, only it's motors are in a constant spinning pattern, instead of a swaying back and forth motion. Because of the similarities in the way they move the airflow, we will also show all gyrating ceiling fans in the category.

You'll Love These Models

Whichever model you choose, regardless of name brand, regardless of whether a single motor or a double headed ceiling fan, we are sure that you will be completely satisfied once you receive and have installed your new oscillating or gyring ceiling fan. Not only will you be amazed by the airflow and the quality of these units, but your friends will be amazed at these unique ceiling fans from the moment they see one gracing your interior décor. Or, since most all of these fans are also rated as outdoor ceiling fans, don't hesitate to spice up your porch with one of these to envy industrial styled ceiling fans.