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Very Affordable 72" Ceiling Fan

By 7 months ago 1798 Views No comments

The New 72” TroposAir Tornado

There are a lot of choices these days for ceiling fans in the 72” and above size range. There are some very good ones, and some not so good ones to choose from. If you’re not concerned with airflow, and only looking for a large sized ceiling fan to make an impact in your décor, then any larger model ceiling fan will do. However, if you are like most people, and are looking for a fan with performance as big as its size, then the old saying will almost always apply, “You get what you pay for.” …

… I said, “Almost aways” because there is one exception to this rule in the industrial ceiling fan market. That exception is the new TroposAir 72” Tornado ceiling fan.

The Tornado was originally offered in a 56 inch blade span, and even at that size it lived up to its name, offering more airflow as a 56” ceiling fan than most much larger fans available today.

With so much airflow in a standard sized package, what would happen if a larger blade size was added to the Tornado’s proven motor platform? Well, with the new 72” version we now know. 10,313 Cubic Feet Per Minute! - and those results are according to the new 2018 testing, which is not an accurate measurement of any ceiling fans true high speed performance, because it is taking an average of the 3 speeds over a specific time period. If the EPA would have left the testing results alone, so that customers would still be able to see the true high speed rating, this ceiling an would easily come in at over 12,000 CFMs. That is an amazing feat for any 72” ceiling fan, and unheard of for a fan that can be purchased for under $250!

That’s Right - Starting at Under $250

It is almost unbelievable that such a great performing ceiling fan can be purchased for less than $250.

While it doesn’t have the same 6 speed DC motor that many other large ceiling fan offer, and it may not have the fancy modern motor housings offered on some of the more expensive models, and the full-function remote control system included, it doesn’t sacrifice on performance. This fan is only outperformed by two of TroposAir’s own ceiling fan offerings, the 72” Titan, and the new 72” Liberator.

The 72” model in the modern Pure White finish, or in the ever popular Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is only $239.99 (at the time of this blog post).

For $369.99, you will get the most cosmetically durable outdoor ceiling fan you will ever find, because for that price point the Tornado is built of genuine 316-grade stainless steel. Just keep the dust off of this model, and never worry about seeing any rust.

Add Some Bells and Whistles

The 72 inch Tornado comes standard with a 3-speed pull chain control. However, you can add upgrades to the fan to put it more on par with most of the much more expensive ceiling fans of its size. Yet, even with these add ons, you will still come in at a lower price tag than the others.

A handheld or in-wall remote control system can be added for just $69. Or, you can choose to add the convenience of both control systems for only $89.

The Tornado is prewired to add almost any style fan light kit to it. Lights as simple as a 100 watt rated schoolhouse style can be added for as low as $15. You can add a 3 or 4 light type ceiling fan light kit to it for as low at $39. You can even add a sleek and modern low profile and dimmable LED light to the fan $99.

How affordable is they fan really? You can buy it in the Oil Rubbed Bronze or Pure White finishes, add a handheld remote, and upgrade to the low-profile LED light, and you will still only be spending a total of $407.99. Most any other 72 inch ceiling fan with all of those options included will cost at least $600 to $900, and you still may not get the performance that you will find with the Tornado ceiling fan.

In Conclusion

The 72 inch TroposAir Tornado is one of the rare deals in the ceiling fan industry where the quality and performance far exceeds its price point. No other big outdoor rated fan in this price range even comes close! You can purchase this ceiling fan with confidence, knowing that you’ll be getting a high quality fan, with higher quality airflow, at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for such a high performing ceiling fan.

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