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Tropical Room Décor Made Complete with the Perfect Ceiling Fan

By Jeff Eller 1 years ago 1133 Views No comments

For the Finishing Touches Real Palm Leaf, Bamboo, or Rattan is the Answer

palm leaf ceiling fans

So you have decorated your room to appeal to a precise beach theme you had in mind, but then you realize that the tired old ceiling fan already in the room, that you thought you could live with, just isn’t going to cut it. You run to your favorite local home improvement store and try to find a replacement, but you find yourself in a dilemma. You ask yourself, “Do I go with with the fan with the fake palm leaf blades of plastic? Do I go with the fake rattan fan designed from cheap looking plastic materials? Or, do I go with the banana leaf style bladed fan, unfortunately, also made of plastic?”

You ponder it for a while, and you decide the way to go is… neither!

If decorating in a tropical island theme, everyone knows that finding the right ceiling fan can make or break the entire project. If you’ve found yourself in this position, that is probably what brought you here, and here is where you’ll find the help your searching for.

Real Rattan, Real Bamboo, and Real Palm Frond Blades

outside on the patio, not in a luxury interior project. The reason is because the natural materials have a hard time lasting in the wet environment if installed outdoors, and that is when plastic look-alike versions of tropical fan blades are a good thing. However, if installing a tropical ceiling fan inside of your home, you should always look to the real deal.

The high-end fan companies of Gulf-Coast and Fanimation both offer a full spectrum of tropical ceiling fans that come with different types of real bamboo blades, real palm leaf blades, and even some with real rattan motor housings and blades.

Minka Aire is a really good ceiling fan company. They offer many high quality fans, with nice high performance motors, but to give you an idea of the difference between a how much better a real rattan ceiling fan looks when compared to plastic, you have to look not further than the Gulf-Coast Moroccan vs. the Minka Aire Shangri-La models. To Minka Aire’s defense, the Shangri-La is rated for outdoor use, and it will look amazing out on a patio, but for indoor interiors the plastic will look cheap. On the other hand, the Gulf-Coast Moroccan utilizes a motor housing and blades that are completely covered in real rattan, allowing for the high quality look you would expect from ceiling fans in these price ranges.

If you want a ceiling fan made of natural rattans, but you don’t have $500 to drop into a fan at the moment, Gulf Coast Fans also offers the Cane Isle. The Cane Isle is one of our best selling tropical ceiling fans, partly due to the high end look of the natural rattan, but mostly due to its flawless, no noise, and no-wobble performance. At $349, it is a great addition to any quality tropical interior space.

For those of you that love natural palm leaf bladed ceiling fans, there is the Palm Breeze and the Palm Bay, both from Gulf Coast Fans, and there is the ever popular Fanimation Islander model. All three of these units use natural palm fronds for blades, woven to look like a big hand fan, but spinning from a ceiling fan motor instead of tiring your arm out while attempting to keep yourself cool, as is the case if using a hand fan. These fans create the natural look you would expect to be in a luxury spa, while pampering yourself at an island resort, and many times these models have been first seen by people while staying at a luxury resort in the tropics.

Both Fanimation and Gulf-Coast offer ceiling fans with real bamboo blades as well.

I don’t want to take all the fun out of your online shopping experience by giving you all of the details of each and every model, but if you’ll click here you can have fun exploring and finding the best designs for your personal need.

Double Motor Coastal Style Ceiling Fans and a Side-to-Side Swaying Fan

If you really want to wow your guests with a stylish statement, that they’ll not soon forget, and if you’re fortunate enough to have a high enough ceiling to use a tropical ceiling fan with dual motors, you should really check out either the Gulf Coast Twin Star III, or the Fanimation Palisade or Caruso models. All three models feature a horizontal shaft connecting two motors on its opposite ends. Both sides house powerful motors that turn large oval shaped palm leaf blades in a vertical pattern. This creates a look that is amazing and these fans are really good for filling space in large areas.

Another great choice, that is even more unforgettable is Fanimation’s Punkah ceiling or wall-mount fans. The Punkah uses one powerful motor, that instead of spinning fan blades, it causes push rods to rock the palm leaf blades from side to side. This creates a relaxing feeling that will make you feel like a king being fanned by your servants. In reality, those days are long gone, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine you’re royalty from time to time. Not only that, but the fan itself looks amazing in any room it graces, and since it can be installed from the ceiling or on the wall, it has the ability to give the room two completely different looks.

Shop Now to Complete Your Tropical Themed Home Interior

Now that you know a little bit of what is available, have fun shopping online, and I wish you luck in finding the perfect tropical ceiling fan to complete your interior décor.

Keeping everything in mind that I have spoken of in this article, if shopping for fans on our website, or any other site for that matter, I beg you to please read the descriptions and the details of each ceiling fan before placing any online order. If only viewing photos, it is hard to tell the difference between plastics and resins, versus the real deal. Therefore, reading the descriptions help you to be sure what you receive is what you thought you were going to get.

You should also take into consideration where your new fan will be installed. If installing a fan out of a covered deck, or any other exterior structure, you will want to stay away from the natural materials and go with the plastics for longevity. They may not look quite as nice, but it beats having to replace blades every other year if using the fan as an outdoor ceiling fan.

So, you see, even the simulations of palm leafs, bamboo, and rattan still have their place. However, for interior spaces, a ceiling fan with real palm leaf blades, bamboo, or real rattan may cost a little more, but they look so much better, and in the long run I feel it will be a wise decision to pay the difference. The fan will become the focal point of your room, and your room will look much better with high-end materials than with fakes.

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