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Setting Up the Perfect Outdoor Patio

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Outdoor Lighting and Ceiling Fans for Outside of Your Home

Urban space constraints prevent most of us from enjoying the luxury of large patios. But a well-planned small area allotted for the outdoor patio can do wonders as well. The right place and the right style is all that is required for a perfect outdoor patio. Outdoor recreation comes with well-planned patios accompanied with decks. Outdoor patios are generally used for entertainment and dining purposes. And are especially beneficial when they are well built adjoining the residence.

Location and Climate

While thinking of a patio spot, it’s important to consider the climate. A kitchen set up must be situated in such a place where there is proper sunlight and pleasant view. There should be fewer disturbances caused by sound and the area should not be too windy for stoves used for cooking, grills or for barbecue. Everything should be well located according to the use.

Furniture and Lighting

The furniture that is used in the outside areas should be designed in such a way that the material used is not damaged easily by the natural elements like wind, rain, and sun. The fabric used in making the sofas must be resistant to fading and staining. Normally fabric that is water resistant, stain resistant and safer for the environment must be used. A patio table set gives a royal feeling to the area with an umbrella over it to help provide relief from heat and sun. A high quality patio furniture set is prevalent to add sophistication to the outdoor living space.

Patio bars, patio swings, good ambience, and lighting put a greater impact on the overall design and helps in creating positive vibrations. Lighting is absolutely important as it brightens up the gathering. There are various types of bulbs and lanterns available in market like the mason jars, aromatic larger candles, small tea lights small light strings. Even outdoor ceiling fans with inverted jars or lights are available that helps in illuminating and adding style to the area. A fire pit or grilling stand is essential to give an adventurous feel to the party in a patio.


Outdoor Patio PlantsPlanting trees is beneficial both for enhancing the beauty as well as for the environment. The surrounding area looks lovely and fresh. However very large trees must be avoided as there are chances the roots might damage the patios. Different types of flower bearing plants and outdoor water gardens add to the beauty. Leaving vines on the walls looks aesthetically beautiful.


Small terrace attached to a room can also be turned into a small patio by making cozy seating arrangements. Consider placing sofas with piles of pillows.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor ceiling fans that we normally use in our homes cannot withstand the outside elements like rain and wind; these elements can harm the motor and its efficiency. Contrary to this, outdoor ceiling fans are designed to be used in rough weather conditions.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

When planning for patio designing, you should not forget the outdoor ceiling fans. In summer it becomes a necessity rather than a luxury to have a breezy and airy atmosphere, while sitting for a nice evening tea, or while having lunch or dinner. Outdoor ceiling fans are the perfect way to get over the outside heat on your patio. High CFM ceiling fans are the best option since they move the air and cool down larger areas; they can also help in lighting the area with the addition of a LED light, and the use of a remote control that has a built in dimmer setting. Hugger outdoor ceiling fans are another option if you have low ceilings; they are flush-mounted to the ceiling and are useful when low ceiling heights are a concern. If the ceiling fans in your patio are not likely to get wet, you may want to consider using damp rated ceiling fans which are suitable for moisture laden climate. Wet rated ceiling fans are mostly on needed if your fan will be in constant contact with direct rainfall, such as on a pergola.


You should design a patio in a style that blends well with the surroundings. The intended purpose has to be served. Making a patio unnecessarily large may not be worthy if only a handful of family and friends getting together for gatherings or functions. Even a small area can serve the purpose if it is properly planned and styled. An open and airy patio is free of stuffiness. Constructing roofed structures help in protecting the area from rain and sun.

A patio that is close to the house has many advantages as it requires no additional maintenance or security. Even a person inside the house can keep a watch. Placing a plant container divides a large area thus fulfilling the purpose for creating a sense of privacy in a large patio.


There are so many options for patio and outdoor living space design, but ultimately it is your home, and the patio will be your patio. Don’t get too hung up on designing your space to look like others you have seen. Be creative and design it around your own personal tastes. After all, it is you that should love it to enjoy it the most.

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