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Reasons to Give a Ceiling Fan this Christmas

By Jeff Eller 1 years ago 1346 Views No comments

Help Update a Home by Giving a Ceiling Fan

Are you looking to give a homeowner a gift for Christmas that they can actually use? If so, give a modern ceiling fan for Christmas.

If you have a friend or family member that has an ugly, outdated ceiling fan in their home, this is the perfect gift idea to help them get up-to-date with their home décor. Plus, this way you don’t have to tell them their old fan is ugly. They probably already feel the same way, but it would be rude to come out and tell them. Therefore, do it in a nondiscriminatory way by simply giving that person a new ceiling fan so that they replace the eyesore they currently own.

It's Cold Outside

Oh wait, I get it… In most areas of the United States it’s cold outside during the Christmas season, and you’re thinking that you don’t want to get someone a gift they cannot use at the time you give it to them, right? That’s probably why so many people give sweaters for Christmas, instead of shorts and t-shirts.

What separates a ceiling fan from shorts and t-shirts is that ceiling fans work great during the winter months, and you don't have to wait until short and t-shirt weather to benefit from one. This is especially true if given to a person that will be installing it in a room with a high ceiling, because ceiling fans have the ability to bring warm air that is trapped against the ceiling back down to where it can be felt. Think of it as recycling. For more on this click here.

Then there are those that live in warmer climates, such as Southern Florida areas. This friend or family member of ours could actually use an outdoor ceiling fan, even on Christmas Day.

Finally, I will get to those people that take forever to do things around the house, the procrastinators. They get something new and are excited to get it, but yet, it may take them weeks, or even months to actually get to use it, if it needs assembly or has to be installed. For these people a ceiling fan is the perfect gift, because it gives them plenty of time to get around to installing it before it gets warm again outside, and they feel they really need it.

It’s a Gift that will Last a Lifetime

If you give unique ceiling fans, made of high quality materials, it will last the recipient of it a long time, most likely, as long as they own the home. What other gift could you give that you can say that about?

Know the Person’s Style

Before giving a ceiling fan as a gift, it is important that you know the person’s taste in décor. You shouldn’t give someone a contemporary model if they have decorated their home in a rustic theme. For rustic themes, a primitive country designed model would work better. If shopping online, the category of Farmhouse Ceiling Fans would be one of the best search terms to find a fan for that person.

The same thing if a person has a contemporary décor style, you would not want to give them a rustic themed ceiling fan. You will rather want to do a search for Modern Ceiling Fans to choose the right model as a gift for this person.

For the Environmental Person

If you have a friend or family member that is very environmentally conscious, a new overhead fan will be one of the best gifts you can give, because it will help save so much on energy cost. Not only will they receive savings on their energy bills, but this will also mean less they will have to use their air conditioning systems, which will save on greenhouse gases.

Also, for any person, a new ceiling fan with a DC motor would be the best bet. Why? Because DC motor ceiling fans use only 1/3 to 1/4 of the energy to operate on high speed than models with standard motors. Environmentally conscious or not, who wouldn’t want to pay their electric company up to three fourths less money to operate something in their homes each month? Not only that, but considering how much DC Ceiling Fans save on the cost heating and cooling a home, the recipient of this as a gift will pay less money to the power company each month.

In Conclusion

A ceiling fan will make a greater gift than most give the item credit for. What other gift can be given, other than this, that can be used to add style and comfort to a person’s home, and save them money year round in the process?

At Modern Fan Outlet we would like to help make the Christmas Season just a little better for anyone that would like to give a the gift of a ceiling fan this year. Therefore, for the readers of this blog article we are giving an additional 10% OFF our prices, which are already on sale for the lowest prices each manufacturer allows the items to sell for. Just enter Discount Code MFO10 at checkout to receive your savings.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from your friends at

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