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Is Your Outdoor Living Space Prepared for Entertainment?

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Best Place for Parties and Family Gatherings

It’s finally that time of year, where the weather is beginning to give us a break from the cold (supposedly) and summer’s heat is just around the corner. Finally, it’s time to plan for cookouts with the family. It’s time to take the birthday parties for the kids, and adults alike, outside into the fresh open air. It’s time to enjoy much more space than can usually be obtained while stuck inside confined rooms of our homes.

Is your outdoor area prepared for these great get-togethers? If not here are some tips to get it ready for living.


After a long cold winter you may find your covered deck, patio, or back porch in need of a good spring cleaning. Get out there and clean the floors and the exterior furniture. Thoroughly clean the grill, and not just the cooking surfaces, but the outside of it as well so that it looks inviting to cook on. If you don’t have a outdoor grill, that’s a different story, and you are really missing out on some of the best cooking life has to offer. Therefore, it’s time to go shopping and get yourself the best gas or charcoal grill you can afford.


Once you’ve gotten everything looking good and clean, make sure you have the proper furnishings for entertainment. Maybe you’ll need accent tables, outdoor candles or lanterns, or even more seating surfaces? These are so important to make your outdoor space more inviting, and a place that guest will want to congregate to. Not much can ruin your perfectly planned cookout more then when it’s time to eat, and your guest find themselves without a place to sit. Be sure this doesn’t happen to you and invest in some good patio chairs and a sofa or two.


Now that your open air room is almost ready living, you’re going to need to find a way to keep yourself and your guest cool. The best way to do this is by adding an outdoor ceiling fan, or multiple outdoor fans, depending on the size of your area. If you have one already, but it doesn’t keep the area as comfortable as you had hoped, that is because not all outdoor ceiling fans are created equal. There are big difference from one model to the next, and how much airflow they will produce. If your existing one isn’t doing the job, replace it with one that will.

The motor is the heart of any ceiling fan. The stronger the motor, the more airflow a ceiling fan will generate. The quality and strength of the motor is usually the majority of the cost of a any ceiling fan. You can find outdoor ceiling fans for around $100, and you will also see outdoor ceiling fans selling for $400, $500, $600, and $700 and up. If you think a one hundred dollar ceiling fan is going to do as good of a job for cooling as five hundred dollar ceiling fan, you are sadly mistaken.

Size matters, but it’s not always the thing to look for. The thing to always look for is Cubic Feet Per Minute of Airflow, or CFMs. The higher the CFM rating a fan has, the better that fan is for making you feel cooler.

For example, Home Depot caries an 84” ceiling fan called the Fenceham for $229. That sounds like a bargain for an 84 inch model. But, when you dig a little deeper, you will find the fan only moves 9,375 CFMs of airflow. That is pathetic for a fan that large. When considering that CFM rating is spread across 84 inches of blade surface, that makes the wind speed even worse. Fans cool by producing a wind-chill effect, and a slow wind speed means almost zero wind-chill. Therefore, go ahead, by the Home Depot fan… if you only want something to look at. It’s really sad some companies sell such low quality items, and we would not even think of offering our customers something so worthless, just to say we have a low priced big ceiling fan.

The opposite scenario, at Modern Fan Outlet we sell a 56” fan by TroposAir called the Tornado. The CFM rating is almost as high as the big 84” model sold at Home Depot (9,154 CFMs) but all of that airflow is produced by only using 56 inches of blade surface. This means much, much more wind speed, meaning much, much more wind-chill effect, meaning you stay much, much more comfortable while using the Tornado ceiling fan. Plus the fan starts at only $189.99.

In many outdoor areas we do suggest going with larger ceiling fans, such as 72” and 84” ceiling fans, but only if those fans can produce around 11,000 CFMs or more with a 72 inch blade span, or 13,000 CFMs or more as a 84 inch model. This will keep the wind speed high, and as long as bigger fans keep a high wind speed, they are a lot better for cooling large areas. With the correct large ceiling fan installed, you will find your entire porch or patio area is cooled, not just while sitting close by the fan.

If you want the most cooling airflow possible, buy the new 82” TroposAir Liberator. This fan has the highest cubic feet per minute rating of all residential ceiling fans, at nearly 16,000 CFMs, and it has an incredible wind speed coming from the massive 82” blade span. It outperforms all 96 inch and 99 inch residential ceiling fans. And yes, it is outdoor rated!


For most summer outdoor get-togethers, you’ll find an outdoor ceiling fan is the most useful item for keeping the environment comfortable. However, sometimes when the evenings get cooler, you may find yourself needing something for heating the area.

The best item for this is a portable propane outdoor heater. They are an excellent source for warmth, and many are quite fashionable as well. You can find many styles online by simply doing a Google search for “outdoor patio heaters”. One of my favorites is found here.

A propane fire pit, or fire table is very nice as well, and they add a great look when used in the middle of a seating arrangement. You can’t go wrong with one of these, but I must tell you, they do provide some warmth, but not nearly as much as the previous mentioned type of patio heater.

In Conclusion

A properly decorated and furnished outdoor patio, pergola, porch, or deck is the best place to come together for a reuniting of extended family members. It’s a great place for good times and good eats. It’s also one of the best ways to take a party outdoors.

The right seating surfaces are a must, or you’ll have some frustrated guest standing in discomfort. You’ll also want to have a great outdoor ceiling fan to make sure all guest are kept at the right temperature for the ultimate feeling comfort while enjoying their stay at your most prized place to gather.

One last thing… BUGS and MOSQUITOS… providing you have the a ceiling fan that moves the proper amount of air movement, those pest, well they hate ceiling fans!

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