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How Ceiling Fans Can Make Your Home and Life More Comfortable

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How Ceiling Fans Can Make Your Home and Life More Comfortable

Are you looking for an alternative way to keep your home cooler in the sweltering heat? Well, here’s the answer to stay cool without any steep rise in your energy bills. Choose and install your ceiling fans wisely to make your home and life more comfortable.

Correct positioning is important

Ceiling fans do not lower the temperature of the room; yet we feel relaxed despite the smoldering heat outside. That’s because they help in air circulation, removing the hot air and making room for cold air in your home. Ceiling fans work best in rooms having cellings of about 8 feet high or higher. To get the maximum benefits out of your ceiling fans, make sure the positioning of the fan is done correctly.

Position the blades at a height of 7-10 feet off the floor (how high depends upon ceiling height). To make sure the fan is used at its optimal capacity, install the fan from a downrod such that the difference between the ceiling and the blades is maintained at least 10-12 inches. Take care that the blades are a minimum of 18 inches away from the walls. The positioning is even more relevant if you run the fans at maximum capacity.

A fan with a diameter of 36-44 inches is more effective in cooling a room of under 144 sq ft. 52” fans are good in rooms up to 225 sq ft. In spacious rooms, you may want to consider installing larger ceiling fans of 60 inches or over, or even install two fans.

When considering ceiling fan size, also remember that not all fans of the same size move the same amount of airflow. The motor is the heart of any ceiling fan, and the better the motor the more performance you will get from the ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans save energy

Open up the windows and allow fresh air to enter your room. It’s better if your home has cross-ventilation. Using a fan to circulate fresh air throughout the room saves maximum energy while giving you respite from the sultry, oppressive weather. A ceiling fan is more eco-friendly compared to an air conditioning unit which not only raises your electricity bill but also leaves a greater amount of carbon footprint. Ceiling fans are most effective in saving energy while cooling the entire room.

A wide variety of designs and models

The ceiling fan market is very competitive. Designers have come up with various designs to allow ceiling fans to sync with the décor of the room. You can choose from among various styles, sizes, and shapes depending upon the size and style of your room.

Some fans come with interchangeable blade sets so that you do not have to change the entire fan to give it an updated look. You can change the boredom arising from the same décor of the room by occasionally changing the blade sets. Some fans come with built-in illumination that not only make the room cooler but also bring about a change in the lighting structure of the room. Check out some great selection of the top name brands at

The least cost option

Ceiling fans cost the least to keep your home cooler. The electricity bill is reduced by about 80 percent compared to an air conditioner. The maintenance cost of ceiling fans too is lower.

Combine ceiling fans with AC

You can use a ceiling fan along with an air-conditioner. An air-conditioner lowers the temperature of your room while the ceiling fan circulates the cool air within the room and provides a soothing wind-chill effect. You can have a control on the room temperature through the thermostat or by the amount of breeze your ceiling fan produces in the room. Both air-conditioning and ceiling fans together help you manage the temperature of the room and keep it cooler.

When summer arrives, never let your air conditioning system try to go it alone. Ceiling fans, when combined with AC help greatly to save the life of the AC system, while helping you to save big money on your monthly cooling cost.

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