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Contemporary Home Décor, Interior Designers, and Modern Ceiling Fan Ideas

By Jeff Eller 1 years ago 4710 Views 1 comment

Contemporary Home Décor, Interior Designers, and Modern Ceiling Fan Ideas

Interior Design

There are so many different types of design choices present today. Most of which derived over many, many years as different taste evolved over time. In this article I would like to focus on one of today’s popular design choices… CONTEMPORARY… and how modern ceiling fans, thanks to famous designers, are making a huge comeback as a necessary piece to complete this sleek décor style. Casablanca Fan Company got it right when they once stated, “The room revolves around the fan.” This is even more true in modern home interiors, and selecting the wrong ceiling fan will completely ruin your artistic vision. Whereas selecting the perfect modern ceiling fan will surely complete it.

Finding the right interior designer…

Home Décor comes from many inspirations from many different individuals and designers. Many interior designers tend to allow their personal tastes to influence their finish works. When these taste in design come from world renowned designers they even tend to influence trends that sweep across much of the nation. Therefore, if you are going to hire an interior designer to help you with your home decorating look at past work they’ve completed for other clients. See if the styles they trend towards are what you have in mind for your personal space. If so, hire them. If not, move on to the next until you find a designer that is a match for you.

Famous Contemporary Interior Designers

Look at some of the work from famous designers such as Victoria Hagen, Leo Marmol & Ron Radziner, and Emily Summers to get inspiration.

While you may not have access to these designers where you live, at least taking a look at some of the leading experts in interior makeovers will help you to be inspired with a vast array of ideas to help get you started. If you area DYI expert, you may find these ideas especially helpful.

Modern Interiors and the Influence in the Ceiling Fan Industry

Minka Aire Aviation F853-WH Ceiling Fan White

The voguish contemporary style is one design choice where 5 years or so ago ceiling fans were a big no no. The styling of fans just that short time ago hadn’t caught up to modern times and looked very outdated in new home interiors. Most were clunky and old fashioned looking, and more so designed around older design trends. If watching HGTV, you would hear people say all of the time when looking to buy a home, “The ceiling fan must go.” Not anymore! As a matter of fact, with the new models coming out from major name brands today, it seems they have completely changed their mindset on styling and function. Just click here to read this article from the the same source today.

Fan manufacturers such as Fanimation, Minka Aire, Casablanca, and Craftmade have really stepped up their game when it comes to modern ceiling fan design. It seems over half of their selections have moved in this direction.

Modernizing Functionality

Pull Chains… Ha! What are those? Or better question is, who wants those? Those old fashioned chains that controlled a fan's speed with tacky decorative knobs on the ends, as if they were going to somehow be the pride of the room. All they were really good for was being ugly as they clicked and ticked against the side of the fan or fan light. How much more annoying can it get? Thank God that pull chains are a thing of the past on today’s modern ceiling fans.

Modern technology has allowed high-end ceiling fan companies to get rid of pull chains, and instead include remote controls with their fans. This can be in the form of a hand-held remote or an in-wall remote, or both. The in-wall remote controls do not require any additional wiring behind the walls that used to be needed for separating the fan and light functions. Simply replace your old fashioned wall switch with the new up-to-date and sleek looking in-wall fan remote and use the existing household wiring. These fans will be smart enough to know your intent at a press of a button, and some models from Fanimation ceiling fan company can even operate via your cell phone through Bluetooth technology. How cool is that?

Modernizing Energy Consumption

The vast majority of today’s more high-tech ceiling fans, in contemporary designs, use special DC motors, not the standard AC type more used in most ceiling fans. An AC motor uses an alternating electrical current, which uses three to four times the electricity compared to modern DC ceiling fans using a direct current system. Direct current motors also have more power to push the blades, meaning more airflow. The also have a much better variation in fan speed settings than standard fan motors, usually meaning you’ll get six speeds versus only the three speeds available from old-fashioned ceiling fans. You really should update your tired old fan to a new state-of-the-art model to give your home more comfort, more savings on your electric bill, and most of all to bring your interior to current times.

Before and After

Look at the below interior space. The photo on the left is the original. It isn’t the most modern décor in the world, but it is very clean and current. If you're like me, you probably noticed the ceiling fan and how out of place it looks in the room. It stands out like a sore thumb and completely ruins what the decorator did with the rest of the room. This definitely portrays one of those “the fan must go” moments. But wait. Now look at the same room with a new Craftmade Kinsman ceiling fan added. Can you see how adding the right ceiling fan into the décor can actually make the room look even nicer than not having a fan for comfort at all? Now you can understand what Casablanca Fan Co. meant with their slogan, “The room revolves around the fan.” I think the only people that have issues with ceiling fans are the same ones that have only shopped at Lowe’s or Home Depot type stores. They see all the bulky, clunky and cheaply made ceiling fans sold in their stores, and incorrectly assume those are all that are available in ceiling fan design. My-oh-my, how wrong these assumptions are.

Inspiration for Adding Modern Ceiling Fans to your Home

Below are examples of ceiling fans that are perfect for modern and contemporary home décor. Some are new models just now available, while others have been around for a while. Every model shown has at least 6-speeds, run perfectly quite, and will not wobble or do other things lesser quality fans may do to annoy. These are the type of fans many people don't know even exist, because they've only been looking in all the wrong places. Now is the time to start looking in all the right places, and help your home to have a more comfortable atmosphere by placing the right fan on your ceiling. It will be the new favorite center piece of your perfectly designed living space.

Craftmade Anillo - Model ANI36BNK3

This three blade futuristic styled overhead fan provides great air quality while showing off its integrated LED light ring.

Craftmade Ricasso - Model RIC60BNK

The Ricasso ceiling fan brings the Art Deco period into a new era. Available in 3 finishes, each with 5 finish choices of blades.

Fanimation Odyn - Model FPD8148BNWBL

Commanding immediate attention from onlookers, the Odyn knows it’s the boss and cools magnificently.

Fanimation Spitfire - Model MA6721DZ

The Spitfire ceiling fan is the perfect balance of contemporary design and cutting edge technology.

Minka Aire Gyro WET - Model F402-BNW

A Minka Aire ceiling fan with two motors. When the fan is turned on the two dual motors gyro around the center of the fan and light, throwing lots of airflow around the room.

Fanimation Subtle - Model FPD6236BN

Highly efficient air mover. This ceiling fan features six contoured blades with a full-function remote included, that has 31 variable speed settings. It can even be operated using your smart phone. A light cover is also included for an even more sleek look.

Time to Get Started Refreshing Your Interior Décor

>Now that you’ve got a visual, I hope you’re inspired to step out of the box and let your creative mind lead you. Don’t be afraid to update your traditional spaces into an urban mecca. There are so many stores you can find clean photo frames, lamps, accent tables, and even entirely new furniture collections to create the perfect contemporary living spaces. There are also many stores you can buy fans from too, but for Modern Ceiling Fans there is only one place if you demand only the best…

If you need assistance with your new design quest give us a call. Our number is 1-888-841-9331 and we are here for you if any assistance is needed. You can even send us photos of what you have in mind, and our design team won’t mind helping you in other home decorating areas outside of our specialty - ceiling fans.

Quality Name Brands for Contemporary and Modern Ceiling Fans

  • Minka Aire
  • TroposAir
  • Fanimation
  • Casblanca Fan Co.
  • Hunter
  • Gulf-Coast Fans
  • Craftmade

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    Rob 1 years ago at 3:37 PM
    I like the Anillo fan. My home is not modern enough for it but nonetheless I like it!