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Add Authenticity and Comfort to Your Rustic Retreat

By 5 months ago 351 Views No comments

Are you looking for a way to add some comfort and authenticity to your log cabin? Or are you simply looking to decorate an interior space into a rustic hideaway? There are many ways to do this.

    Decorate Your Home In a Rustic Themefly-fishing adventures, etc. to hang on the walls.

  1. Find rustic looking “what-nots” to set around on end tables, dressers, and night stands and such.
  1. You can also find many awesome primitive table and floor lamps that fit the unpolished theme.

What About Overhead Lighting

If you search online you can find many different handmade overhead lighting fixtures that fit the bill. Just go to eBay and do a search for what you are looking for. I found a beautiful authentic whitetail dear antler chandelier on eBay to hang above a dining table in a log cabin I own. I paid a third of the price most lighting stores wanted for a less quality fixture.

Antler Chandelier Lighting in Log Cabin

Better yet, have you considered ceiling fans with antler lighting? If you haven't, please, by all means do, because they will make such a great option. These fans come in various great stylings that make them a perfect fit for your personal retreat. Plus, unlike other fixtures, they will add comfort to your rustic décor by moving airflow to help even out the room temperature.

If you have any fear that - adding an rustic ceiling fan to your unrefined space will disrupt its authenticity, then you don't have to worry as there's no course for alarm. They are the perfect choice if you desire to maintain the originality of your log home. In addition to maintaining the ambience of your cabin, they make your living area more comfortable and add a touch of elegance to it.

Dual Rustic Ceiling Fan with Modern Antler Lights

Adding the Rustic Touch to the Exterior

Decorating in a rustic theme isn’t just for inside of the home. There are many things you can do with your outdoor decorating to give the beautiful arcadian touches needed to make you feel more in touch with nature while outside of your home.

Here is a list of some obvious and some not so obvious ideas

Rustic Picnic Area

  1. Build a unique picnic table. Unlike a store bought picnic table made of straight cut and finished 2x6 boards, using a combination of woods from rough unrefined pieces and mixing a few straight cut pieces can make your outdoor dining area look very authentic, and give it a rustic charm so perfect that it actually becomes quite elegant as a place to dine.
  2. Primitive Country Water GardenGo to flea markets and find old odd things that you may not normally think you’d want. Things such as an old warn out wagon wheel to lean against a fence in a flower garden, a rusted out wheelbarrow to use as a planter, a old wooden barrel will do nice in creating rustic outdoor landscapes or a water garden.
  3. Build a fire pit. Don’t be too precise with it’s design. Stacking stone in a random order, just so that it will stand, does better to create a great campfire atmosphere than laying brick or manufactured blocks in a perfect order.

Mountain Escape Fire Pit

What to do About the Covered Deck or Gazebo?

When it comes to this area you should treat it like a mix of what you would do to add the same touches to your interior space and your outdoor garden areas. A few primitive home made benches do nicely to add to the feel, although maybe not as comfortable as traditional seating surfaces. However, use them as accent pieces more for creating the desired look, rather than for actual seating.

Try a similar idea as suggested earlier for outside in the yard, with the roughly made picnic table. You can find comfortable rustic exterior dining tables and chairs to use on your deck that will fit the bill. You’ll want to use these types of chairs for the setting and conversation area, and everything else just to create the feel of the area.

Lighting the Night

Just as with the interior, lighting is an important aspect in creating the right rustic touches and charm to your outdoor living areas. Here are my suggestions:

  1. For the picnic table out in nature try authentic oil lamps. Nothing will create the feel of being back in the days of old like dining at dusk with an old fashioned oil lamp lighting the night. It’ll create a very romantic for a dinner for two, and even a more exciting for dinner with the entire family out under the stars. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of Little House on the Prairie.Farmhouse Lantern Light
  2. For your covered area consider hanging outdoor electric pendants with a craftsman charm. At my cabin I have a mix of outdoor pendants that have silhouettes of deer, bear, and tall pines over the glass. I installed yellow bulbs so that when illuminated they have the feel of candlelight, instead of the harsh light from common household bulbs. Some lighting companies even offer overhead outdoor pendants that have the look and feel of authentic oil lanterns. Either of these styles do nicely for creating the charm you will want for your homespun setting.
  3. My favorite for covered areas, just as in the interior of a hideaway, is a new but old looking ceiling fan. You will want all of the modern technology to keep you cool on muggy nights, but just be sure not to take away from your space by going modern in styling. Make sure you keep it along the same rough-hewn design theme you’ve worked so hard to create. One nice outdoor rated ceiling fan that keeps in line with this them is the Minka Aire Groton.

Go on a Vacation

I would also strongly suggest going on a vacation way out deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are so many cabins and lodges in that area with beautiful rustic charm. Both the interiors and exteriors are a decorator’s dream come true at these beautiful homes. Taking a trip like this will give you so many ideas of how to relax at home - the old fashioned way. Plus, you’ll get a good relaxing vacation while on your trip, and you’ll see so much more than home décor that will inspire you. You just may never want to go back home.

In Conclusion

There are many more ideas you can find to add your own personal touches to your rural escape. All you have to do is Google the style and the ideas seem nearly endless. For other ideas visit, and more. If you like the rustic ceiling fan ideas, I would suggestive antler ceiling fans found at Modern Fan Outlet. I can personally endorse the company because that is where I purchased the custom double motor fan with the antler light, pictured earlier in this article. It’s my most prized fixture at in my log home.

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